Timeline of the region of Darwath known as the Kingdom of Nerath

Before -3000 AD: The Times Before and the Old Kingdoms.

-3000 AD: First invasion of the Dark. Building of the Keep of Dare by %{color:blue}Dare of Renweth%.

-30 AD: %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion% follows what he believes to be one of the last remaining Dark into a cave in Gettlesand. Once inside, he realizes that the cave contains an unknown Nest and that the Dark are neither destroyed nor seriously weakened. Over the following years, he will try to get the King and the Crown Prince to prepare the kingdom for a possible attack by the Dark.

-27 AD: %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion% assumes the title of Archmage of Quo and the leadership of the Council of Wizardy. One of his first acts is to order research into the first invasion of the Dark and any means used in defeating them.

-20 AD: King Ardor Endorion II banishes %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion% from the royal court at Gae for speaking of a possible return of the Dark.

-10 AD: Prince %{color:blue}Eldor Endorion% succeeds his father King Ardor II as king of Nerath after the later’s death and is crowned King Eldor Endorion

-5 AD: %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion%, the Archmage of Quo, leader of the Council of Wizardry, resigns his position in favor of his pupil Lohiro. %{color:blue}King Eldor Endorion% marries Minalde of the House of Bes. He appoints her brother Alwir as chancellor of the Realm a few months later.

0 AD: Large scale invasion by the Dark across the entire kingdom of Nerath during the height of winter. All major settlements of all humanoid species are attacked and, essentially, destroyed. The death toll reaches 50% within the first year of the invasion. The Eladrin, largely untouched by the invasion, seals themselves within the Feywild. The Hidden City, Quo, seals its borders behind rings of wizardry, cutting all communications with the outside world.The capitol of Nerath, Gae, is broken and %{color:blue}King Eldor% is believed dead in the fighting. The Council of Regents, composed of Chancellor Alwir, Queen Minalde, Bishop Govannin of Erathis and %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion%, assumes control during the minority of Prince Altir and evacuates what is left of the city to Karst, to the north. Following an attack on Karst, the Council decides to relocate to the Keep of Dare, in Renweth vale, where, legends says, %{color:blue}Dare of Renweth% waited out the first invasion by the Dark 3000 years before.

1 AD: %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion%, with his apprentice, Rudy Solis, journey to the Hidden City of Quo to try and contact the Council of Wizardry only to find the city destroyed by the Dark and the Archmage possessed by the Dark. Defeating his former pupil, Ingold and Rudy salvage what he can from the ruins and make their way back to the Keep.

2 AD: Troops from the Empire of Alketh arrive at the behest of the Council of Regents to help with a counterattack against the Dark at the Nest of Gae.King Eldor arrives at the Keep of Dare, having followed a botched reconnaissance mission in the Nest of Gae.

3 AD: Troops from Nerath and Alketh invade the Nest at Gae. They are ambushed by the Dark and routed. King Eldor is seriously wounded in the battle. Several weeks later, word reaches the Keep that the Empire of Alketch has been attacked by the Dark in the same coordinated way as the attack on Nerath. The Alkethi troops are recalled to the Empire to help with the fight.Severely weakened by his wounds and from poison secretly given to him by Chancellor Alwir, King Eldor dies. Chancellor Alwir is killed by a member of the Royal Guard who finds out about the poison. Bishop Govannin, accomplice in the poisoning of the King, flees the Keep. Bishop Maia of Bahamut, from Penambra, assumes her position. Queen Minalde assumes the leadership of the Council of Regents.

4 AD: The Emperor of Alketch is killed by the Dark without a clear line of succession. Chaos ensues as different factions attempt to seize control. Within months, all central power in the Empire of Alketch ceases to exist and civil wars rages for years.

5 AD: Attacks by the Dark cease entirely. Rumors point to %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion% as the reason for the disappearance of the Dark.

9 AD: The Kingdom of Nerath, now lead from the Keep of Dare, begins to reassert control over the Brown River Valley. Over the next 70 years, the kingdom will extend its control from the North to the Penambra Peninsula on the Round Sea.

10 AD: The Bloodspear Wars: An orc horde descends on the Nentir Vale. An army from the remnants of Fallcrest attempts to stop it in the Gardbury Downs and is defeated. The horde loots and pillages Fallcrest, finishing what the Dark had started.

16 AD: Prince Altir reaches majority and assumes the crown as King Altir Endorion.

17 AD: The Council of Wizardry is re-founded at the Keep of Dare by %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion%, who assumes the title of Archmage and leadership of the Council. In the following years, he and Rudy Solis will make many trips to Quo to salvage books of lore from the ruins.

23 AD: The reborn Kingdom of Nerath fights its first major battle at the Battle of Bandit Kings, near the junction of the King’s Road and the South Road. A large force of several bandit kingdoms, united under the harsh rule of a dragonborn cleric of Gruumsh, were raiding the farmlands supplying the Keep of Dare with food. King Altir, with the help of his stepfather Rudy Solis, manage to trap the forces of the bandit lords near the junction and with a combination of trickery, magic and tactical genius, destroys them to a man. The final epic battle against the cleric of Gruumsh, known only as T’Var, is fought by the King and his Guard and the tale is retold by bards ever since.

26 AD: The Archmage %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion% resigns his title as leader of the renewed Council of Wizardry in favour of his apprentice Rudy Solis.

30 AD: %{color:blue}Ingold Inglorion% dies of old age.

47 AD: A military expedition into the ruins of Gae to attempt to occupy the city is destroyed by a rampaging dragon who made its home within the city. No further attempt is made to secure the city for another 43 years.

55 AD: The Queen-Mother, Minalde, dies of old age. Archmage Rudy Solis, her husband of 50 years, dies a month later of a broken heart. His apprentice, Sera Elatir, a female razorclaw shifter, assumes his titles and position as the head of the Council of Wizardry.

71 AD: King Altir Endorion dies and is succeeded by his daughter, Queen Elaen Endorion.

80 AD: The Eladrin re-establish communications with the world.Queen Elaen is assassinated by an Orcus cultist as she dedicates a new bridge over the Arrow river. Her son, Prince Eltir, is crowned as %{color:blue}King Eltir Endorion%. He leads the attack that will destroy a large Orcus cult based out of an old Nest of the Dark.

90 AD: The former capitol of Nerath, Gae, is swept clean of the undead that heve infested it since its fall. The members of an adventuring band known as the Bloody Coin Band, responsible for this amazing feat, are rewarded with baronies in the lands surrounding Gae and important positions within the Kingdom. No sign is seen of the dragon that had destroyed the previous expedition.

91 AD: The Kingdom of Nerath begins the process of re-occupying Gae by sending a garrison to the ruins of the city and, eventually, colonists. Over the next 5 years, the city will be restored and secured by the forces of Nerath.

93 AD: The elven kingdom of Aren, located in the Sunrald Forest, officially allies with the kingdom of Nerath, re-establishing an alliance which had lasted 200 years prior to the invasion of the Dark.

95 AD: The dwarven city-state of Silver Hall, in the Dawnforge mountains, joins the kingdom of Nerath as a semi-independent principality.The city of Penambra is recolonized by the kingdom of Nerath.

96 AD: The city of Gae is officially named as the capitol of the Kingdom of Nerath. The city has been restored sufficiently to now serve as a population center and as the head of the government of Nerath. With this announcement, word spreads and the outlying lands surrounding Gae begin to retake their civilized appearance.

100 AD: Current year.

– Chronicles of Hakiem


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