The different religions of Nerath weathered the Time of the Dark differently according to their creeds. They are also acting very differently in the current reconstruction process as might be imagined.

Gruumsh’s followers, for example, revelled in the Time of Dark as all was thrown down and destroyed. They streadfastly oppose any reconstruction and act accordingly. Erathis’ folowers, evidently, are on the opposite end, helping any way they can rebuild the glories of the past.

Also, the trauma of the invasion has affected the religions in different ways. The Raven Queen, for example, has shifted her focus from simply burying hte dead, to including the concept that one should ‘seize the day’ and live their life to fullest, for death is just around the corner.

See below for the current state of each religion.

Dieties of Nerath
Diety Alignment Portfolio Feat
Asmodeus Evil Power, domination, tyranny None

Avandra Good Change, luck, trade, travel Avandra’s Rescue

Bahamut Lawful Good Justice, honor, nobility,protection Armor of Bahamut

Bane Evil War, conquest None

Corellon Unaligned Arcane magic, spring,beauty, the arts Corellon’s Grace

Erathis Unaligned Civilization, invention, laws Harony of Erathis

Gruumsh Chaotic Evil Turmoil, destruction None

Ioun Unaligned Knowledge, prophecy, skill Ioun’s Poise

Kord Unaligned Storms, strength, battle Kord’s Favor

Lolth Chaotic Evil Spiders, shadows, lies None

Melora Unaligned Wilderness, sea Melora’s Tide

Moradin Lawful Good Creation, artisans, family Moradin’s Resolve

Pelor Good Sun, summer, agriculture,time Pelor’sRadiance

Raven Queen Unaligned Death, fate, winter Raven Queen’s Blessing

Sehanine Unaligned Trickery, moon, love,autumn Sehanine’s Reversal
Tiamat Evil Wealth, greed, vengeance None

Torog Evil Underdark, imprisonment None

Vecna Evil Undeath, secrets None

Zehir Evil Darkness, poison, serpents None

– Chronicles of Hakiem


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