The city of Penambra was once the jewel of the Round Sea and the pride of the Kingdom of Nerath. A city built in the Brown river peninsula, it was made up of several island with many bridges, canals and houses build one pillars.

Sadly, while it had defenses against conventional enemies, the very nature of the town made it indefensible against the Dark and it was one of the first cities to be destroyed and evacuated in the invasion.

In 95 AD, recognizing the importance of re-establishing control of the delta and of having a good port on the Round Sea, King Eltir Endorion organizes the recolonization of the city. Using experience gained in the re-colonization of Gae, the project went well in the beginning but it has suffered setbacks of late as pirates raid the city on a regular basis, forcing the King to divert his already limited resources towards defense.

– Chronicles of Hakiem


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