The Kingdom of Nerath was, at its height, the largest of the New Kingdoms in Darwath. It stretched from the western ocean to the Round Sea, from Dele and Quo to the edges of the Sunrast Forest and the Kingdom of Aren; from the ice in the North to the Empire of Alketch.

The land chiefs of the Realm owed fealty to the King in Gae and, in turn, the King enforced the laws and saw to the security of the lands.

In all, Nerath was the greatest of the Kingdoms to come out of the first invasion of the Dark and the fall of the Old Kingdoms.

3000 years of growth were wiped out in mere weeks in 0 AD, when the Dark return and assaulted the Kingdom from the hidden nests. King Eldor Endorion died in the palace at Gae and the survivors fled to the Keep of Dare.

From there, they would rebuild the kingdom when the Dark ceased to attack in 5 A.D.

The Kingdom is but a shadow of its former self, having lost all the West but slowly, it rebuilds itself. It managed to maintain a certain level of order during the invasion, due in great part to the preparations of King Eldor Endorion and of Ingold Inglorion, who suspected the Dark would attack.

Now, 100 years after the invasion, the Kingdom has control, over the Brown River valley and has begun its expansion west. Gettlesand is nominally part of the Kingdom but is all but deserted since incessant raids from humanoids and the different factions in the Alketch civil war make like in the area difficult at best.

So King Eltir Endorion, the current king, has decided to begin the westwards expansion further north, in the mountains and valleys of the Dawnforge mountains. He is fighting an uphill battle as not all these areas are tame and even those who are will not necessarily welcome rule from the outside.

– Chronicles of Hakiem


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