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Welcome to the rebirth of the once proud kingdom of Nerath.

This is my new 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. In the past, I have tried many things to organize my notes for my campaigns and, to date, all have failed. So here I am, trying yet another solution: an online portal. I have checked out many online Wikis and this one is, as far as I know, the only one designed for RPGs.

This new campaign is based off of two sources: Barbara Hambly’s Darwath Trilogy and the default setting for the 4th edition, sometimes referred to as the Point of Lights setting or The First Work.

The Darwath books are used to set the backdrop of the campaign, to explain the disappearance of the Kingdom of Nerath and to fix a problem I have with the POL setting: why ALL other nations are gone even though only Nerath has fallen. Using the story from the book, all the nations on the planet were, essentially, wiped out by the Dark. (See here for the story in context of the campaign).

In the end, the modification to the backstory has minimal in game effect. It permits me to have a more believable reason for the large scale devastation and it also helps to justify why no else didn’t just move in to replace Nerath when it fell. The answer, in my world, is simple: there was no one left

Important things to know about the campaign

  • All races suffered horrific loses during the Time of the Dark. On the order of 75% fatalities within the first 2 years of the invasion. They did not all suffer equally as is indicated in the races sections
  • Minor differences in doctrine have taken place due to the invasion, most notably the Raven Queen. See the Religions section for information
  • All known kingdoms essentially ceased to exist after the invasion. Nerath has begun to rebuild and has control of the Brown River Valley valley. Alketch is mired in civil war and the kingdom of Aren, an elven kingdom, has also re-established part of its former glory.
  • The main weapon of the Dark, other than eating humanoids, was a powerful telekinesis-like effect that grew in strength as they grew in numbers. Only the mostly strongly built fortresses could resist. Many fortified holds were simply blown away by the strength of their assaults.
– Mark Giguere

Main Page

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