Keep of Dare

The Keep of Dare is located in the Renweth Vale, high in in the Dawnforge Mountains south of Gae. The Keep was constructed 3100 years ago by Dare of Renweth to hold the refugees fleeing the first invasion of the Dark.

The Keep was built using technology now long lost. The Old Kingdoms possessed knowledge, both magical and of engineering, that far surpasses the current level and used it to build the massive black stone Keep.

The Keep housed the remnants of the kingdom of Dare of Renweth for several hundred years. Built to hold 3000-4000 people in some comfort, no record exists of how many it actually housed during the first invasion.

Once the Dark stopped their attacks, the Keep became the center of what would become the Kingdom of Nerath. Once civilization had progressed to the point where such a stronghold was no longer needed, the geographical location of the Keep rendered it unpractical as the power center of the Kingdom. Hence, the capitol was moved to Gae.

Eventually, the Keep was all but abandoned for centuries until King Eldor Endorion, on the advice of Ingold Inglorion, began to restore the Keep and sent both a garrison and food to stock it.

When the Dark overwhelmed Nerath, the survivors of Gae and Penembra headed for the Keep. There, they held out against the Dark for 5 years until the Dark no longer came. Since then, the Keep again became the point from where civilization was reestablished.

Farms were rebuilt around the Keep to provide food and small villages came back to life in the Renweth Vale. As Nerath began the process of reconstruction, the clearing of Gae became a priority since it was infested with undead and other monsters drawn to the ruins. However, the first expedition sent in 47AD was destroyed by a dragon who had taken up residence in the ruins of the city.

It wasn’t until 90AD that the Bloody Coin Band succeeds in destroying any organized resistance to re-occupation in the city. After this, the Kingdom of Nerath sends a garrison to the city and colonists soon follow. By 96 AD, the city is proclaimed the capitol of Nerath once again.

The Keep returns to its former role as a fortress but, with the re-founding of the Council of Wizardry by Ingold Inglorion in 17AD, the Keep now plays a greater role as a school of wizardry and as a greatest seat of knowledge in the North.

– Chronicles of Hakiem

Keep of Dare

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