Gruumsh (Chaotic Evil)

Turmoil, destruction

Gruumsh is the chaotic evil god of destruction, lord of marauding barbarian hordes. Where Bane commands conquest, Gruumsh exhorts his followers to slaughter and pillage. Orcs are his fervent followers, and they bear a particular hatred for elves and eladrin because Corellon put out one of Gruumsh’s eyes. The One-Eyed God gives simple orders to his followers:
  • Conquer and destroy.
  • Let your strength crush the weak.
  • Do as you will, and let no one stop you.

    The church of Gruumsh after the Time of the Dark
    Gruumsh is one of the few things that grew in power with the Dark. The widespread destruction wrought by the Dark was seen by his followers as the vindication of their beliefs. The number of their followers increased and even gained a foothold among the ‘civilized’ races such as humans and dwarves. With much being rebuilt, the followers of Gruumsh declare holy war every few years to destroy as much of the rebuilding as they can.
– Chronicles of Hakiem


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