Current Tasks

This page will be used to note the current and past quests of the group and also list all items picked up in the course of their adventures.

Begun, completed

  • Find the survivors of the caravan
  • Destroy the kobold lair
  • Investigate Shadowfell Keep and stop the opening of the Rift

  • Kobold brigands on the way to Winterhaven Here
  • Kobold ambush on the way to the kobold lair Here
  • Kobold sentinel above waterfalls Here
  • Kobold lair (A3) Here
  • Goblins in the first room of Shadowfell Keep (Area 1) Here
  • Hobgoblin torturer and gobllins in dungeon of Shadowfell Keep (Area 2) Here
  • Balgron the Fat and goblins in Balgron’s lair in Shadowfell Keep (Area 4) Here
  • Excavation Site in Shadowfell Keep (Area 3) plus Balgron Here
  • Kruthik Lair in Shadowfell Keep (Area 10) plus Goblin in trap Here
  • Blue Slime in Water Cave in Shadowfell Keep (Area 11) Here
  • Hobgoblin Guard Room in Shadowfell Keep (Area12) Here
  • Tomb of Sir Keegan’s children (Area15) Here
  • Ghoul Warren (Area 17) Here
  • Hobgoblin Barracks (Area 13) Here
  • Warchief’s Council Room (Area 14) Here
  • The Shadow Rift (Area 19) Here

Game 1: The Road to Winterhaven

  1. Kobold brigands on the way to Winterhaven: 95xp each. (All present)(95xp total)
    Game 2: They are the Bane of Kobolds or are Kobolds their Bane?
  2. Ambushed by Kobolds on way to the kobold lair (A1): 125xp each. (All present)(220xp total)
    Game 3: Let’s Think this One Through
  3. Kobold lair, outside (A2): 115xp each. (All present)(335xp total)
  4. Kobold lair, outside. Recon by Urzula above waterfalls: 50xp for Urzula. (Urzula 385, others 335xp)
  5. Kobold Lair, outside, ambushing of sentinels: 20xp each. (All present). (Urzula405xp, others 355xp)
  6. Kobold Lair, inside (A3): 220 xp each. (All present) (Urzula 625, others 575xp)
    Game 4: The Game is Afoot!
  7. Shadowfell Keep, Area 1: 115xp each. (All present) (Urzula 740, others 690)
    Game 5: Even The Best Laid Plans
  8. Shadowfell Keep, Area 2: 125xp each. (All present) (Urzula 865, others 815)
  9. Shadowfell Keep, Area 4: 185xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1050, others 1000)
    Game 6: Out of the frying pan into the fire
  10. Shadowfell Keep, Area 3: 160xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1210, others 1160)
    Game 7: The Dead are Restless
  11. Shadowfell Keep, Area 5: 88xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1298, others 1248)
  12. Shadowfell Keep, Area 7: 150xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1448, others 1398)
    Game 8: The Steeve is Strong Tonight
  13. Shadowfell Keep, Area 9: 125xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1573, others 1523)
  14. Shadowfell Keep, Area 10: 150xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1723, others 1673)
    Game 9: Nice Spider, Nice Spider….
  15. Shadowfell Keep, Area 11: 150xp each. (All present) (Urzula 1873, others 1823)
  16. Shadowfell Keep, Area 12: 193xp each. (All present) (Urzula 2066, others 2016)
    Game 10: The Steeve strikes back
  17. Shadowfell Keep, Area 15: 80xp each. (All present) (Urzula 2146, others 2096)
  18. Shadowfell Keep, Area 15: 70xp each. (All present) (Urzula 2216, others 2166)
  19. Shadowfell Keep, Area 16: 336xp each. (All present) (Urzula 2552, others 2502)
    Game 11: Blocking the wrong door
  20. Shadowfell Keep, Area 13: 158xp each. (All present) (Urzula 2710, others 2660)
  21. Shadowfell Keep, Area 14: 160xp each. (All present) (Urzula 2870, others 2820)
    Game 12: The Grand Finale…for now
  22. Shadowfell Keep, Area 18: 195xp each. (All present) (Urzula 3065, others 3015)
  23. Shadowfell Keep, Area 19: 270xp each. (All present) (Urzula 3335, others 3285)

Current Tasks

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