Bloody Coin Band

The Bloody Coin Band is an adventuring group composed of Lyri Farsil, a female elf ranger, Gamal, a male deva Invoker, Deldar Stormheart, a female dwarf cleric of Bahamut and Alegan, a human male fighter. The group requested and received a charter from the King of Nerath to clear the city of Gae from the orcs and the dragon that had infested the city since its fall. Reportedly, when asked why they wanted such an impossible task (an entire military expedition had been eaten by the dragon 43 years before), Gamal simply said ‘Because it is time’.

The Band headed to Gae in the spring of 90 A.D. and returned at the end of the summer with the report that the dragon was gone and the orcs had been slain or driven out of the city. The band would say little of what had happened in the city, save only to say that the vast majority of the orcs were dead. When the King came to give them their reward (several thousand gold coins), Deldar refused the reward in the name of the Band, much to every one’s surprise. The King insisted however on paying them at least one gold piece. When he handed over the coin, it began to drip blood for several hours, hence the name of the group.

The members of the Band became, in time, Barons of the court and now act as personal representative s of the King when needed. While they rarely are all together in one place, they still see each other sporadically and their presence is a sure indication that the King is interested in whatever subject is being handled by them.

– Chronicles of Hakiem

Bloody Coin Band

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