Bane (Evil)

War, conquest

Bane is the evil god of war and conquest. Militaristic nations of humans and goblins serve him and conquer in his name. Evil fighters and paladins serve him. He commands his worshipers to:
  • Never allow your fear to gain mastery over you, but drive it into the hearts of your foes.
  • Punish insubordination and disorder.
  • Hone your combat skills to perfection, whether you are a mighty general or a lone mercenary.

    The church of Bane since the Time of the Dark
    Bane is openly worshiped in Alketch where warfare has been a constant state of affairs since the invasion by the Dark. Occasionally, bands of armed men head north and Nerath must scramble to stop them. Many mercenary schools exist and many of the world finest fighter are trained there. Were any one group command all these experience and battle hardened troops, few could stand against them.
– Chronicles of Hakiem


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