Leader of the legendary adventuring group Bloody Coin Band



Profession:Adventurer, Minister, Fighter
Affiliation (if known):Bloody Coin Band
History with PCs:


Alegan is the leader of a group known as the Bloody Coin Band, so named for single coin they accepted as payment from King Eltir for the clearing of the former nerathi capital city of Gae . The coin is said to drip with the blood of all the creatures destroyed by the Band during their sweep of Gae. Alegan, along with Deldar Stormheart, Lyri Farsil and Gamal, are now Barons at the court of Gae and are the (very) public agents of King Eltir when he needs them. Alegan himself is Minister with no fixed portfolio, a kind of ‘Ambassador-at-large’ whose current concern is the reunification of the Nentir Vale with Nerath.


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