Dare of Renweth

The builder of the Keep of Dare in Renweth


Dare of Renweth was the leader of the refugees that fled from the Old Kingdoms during the first rising of the Dark. He led his people to the Vale of Renweth and built the Keep of Dare as a refugre for them.

Little is known about the man himself but it is believed that he was either the King of the Realm at that time or became so after the Dark killed the former King.

He is venerated as a hero since without his preparation, there would have been no place to seek refuge after the cities of the Old Kingdoms has been destroyed by the Dark.

From historical documents, it seems that Dare knew of the Dark before their attack and had begun preparations for the Keep before the actual invasion. Certainly, it must have taken a long time to build the Keep which not have been available during the invasion of the Dark.

Dare of Renweth

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