King Eltir Endorion

The current king of Nerath


King Eltir Endorion is the current (as of 100AD) ruler of the kingdom of Nerath. He is the son of Queen Elaen and Prince-Consort Alten. He is the great-grandson of King Eldar Andorion, the king at the time of the Rising of the Dark.

Those few who have known both men say that he resembles his ancestor in more than just appearance. The King is a very active man, both physically and mentally. His great capacity is combined with a strong personality and even greater will. Under his reign, the Kingdom has begun to grow, with the elven kingdom of Aren being contacted and the ancient treaty between both realms reforged. He has brought the Silver Hall dwarves into the kingdom and re-established the Capital in Gae through the use of the adventuring band known as the Bloody Coin Band. Lastly, he has ordered the recolonization of Penembra to further extend the Kingdoms hold on its southern territories.

As the Kingdom grows, the King foresees the need for the need of capable people he can trust to help him rule his expanding realm. A man of action, he is not above doing the dirty work himself but with the growing size of his tasks, he is looking for people to take charge of frontier areas and see to their growth.

King Eltir Endorion

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