Ingold Inglorion

Legendary archmage and swordsman, he was the driving force behind what little was saved from the Second Kingdom of Nerath


Ingold Inglorion is the most famous mage of Nerath’s history. He was the Archmage of Quoand the head of Council of Wizardryfor 22 years. He is regarded as the most powerful mage in recent history and was recognized and a deadly swordsman well into his 60s.

Ingold’s personal history is a complex one. After having graduated from Quo, he returned home where he set in motion events that started a border war with the Empire of Alketch and saw his home town put to the torch by the Alketchi. He spent years as a slave on the training grounds of the Imperial Academy where the Empire trained their cavalry by chaining the slaves to post and giving them a sword.

He eventually escaped and spent the next several years in the desert where, he has said, he learned the true art of Wizardry. Returning to civilization, he went back to Quo to refine his knowledge and he began to acquire the respect of his fellow mages. He became the tutor of a young Endor Andorion and gained his trust.

A few years later, while pursuing information about the Old Kingdoms, he first followed a lone Dark into a cave and discovered the the Dark were not gone nor defeated. Fearing the worst, he returned to Quo and became the Archmage in -27 AD. He immediately turns the Council’s gaze towards the Dark, their history and means of fighting them.

He also begins to try and convince King Ardor Endorion to head the danger but, as the Dark are now stuff of children’s stories, the King does not head him and has him banished from Gae.

The next few years will prove Ingold right and the Dark invade and shatter the Kingdom. Ingold flees with the heir to the throne, Altir Endorion, to the Keep of Dare and, the legends says, finds a way to defeat the Dark.

Ingold is also instrumental in the rebuilding not only of the Kingdom of Nerath but also of the global wizardry. The most powerful mages were killed at Quo when the Archmage Lohiro was possessed by the Dark and butchered the assembled mages. Ingold refounded the Counci of Wizardry at the Keep of Dare and was instrumental in the preservation of much of the knowledge that remained of the Times Before.

Over the following years, Ingold will make several trips to Gae with his apprentice Rudy Solis and retrieved many tome of knowledge. He will help king Altir Endorion restore the kingdom of Nerath and he will be instrumental in the many battles ahead.

In 30AD, Ingold Inglorion dies of old age at the age of 90 years old.

Ingold Inglorion

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