Peritus Fiducia

Bard extraordinaire of Fallcrest, famed for her wild parties that never seem to end.


Affiliation (if known):
History with Pcs:none


Peritus is a well known bard and a former adventurer. His adventuring party is responsible for the destruction of a band of bandits who used a former farmstead several miles east of Fallcrest as a base. The bandits used the underground grain storage bins as a hideout to raid caravans coming from Fallcrest. They had an uncanny luck when targeting the merchants, always seeming to choose the unguarded high value cargos. Peritus is no longer with the group, rumour saying they had a falling out but he is famous all across Fallcrest area for his talent and the parties he throws at the now restored farmstead. Parties, wagging tongues say, are far beyond the means of a simple bard….

Peritus Fiducia

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