Alinestra Covelia

guildmaster of the Shadow Hammers, thieve’s guild of Hammerfast


Profession:Thief guildmaster
Affiliation (if known):Shadow hammers
History with Pcs:none


Alinestra is the guildmaster of the thieves guild of Hammerfast, the Shadow Hammers. Perhaps on of the most hunted persons in the Nentir Vale, she has managed to keep her freedom and life by being always one step ahead of the dwarven constables. She maintains her authority over her thieves with a combination of ruthless violence and fair treatment. Obey her and you need fear nothing. Cross her and you will die a slow and painful death and perhaps return as her slave in undeath. Rumours has it that she is seeking to expand the guild to other major towns in the Vale, notably Fallcrest.

Alinestra Covelia

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