Aurum is a tall, massive, golden-scaled Dragonborn of proud bearing and serious, dour demeanor. Though he is generally calm, he can reach peaks of harsh violence if his friends are in danger or if confronted by anyone who gets in the way of his goals. He is not afraid to “ruffle a few feathers” while carrying out his self-appointed duties and never backs down from a fight. He truely embodies the tenets of the Raven Queen, living life to the fullest but meeting certain death head-on and fearlessly knowing he will get his justly deserved reward in the afterlife. He has no fear of his death and will gladly take as many of his foes as possible along to his mistress’ realm with him.


Born in a small Dragonborn community in the mountains, Aurum knew a happy childhood until the barbarians came and raided the quiet community during a long cold winter night. Everyone he knew was brutally killed. The adults tried heroicly to defend the village but in vain. Every one of them was butchered where they stood. His mother, a great warrior of her clan, was the last to fall trying to defend her only son. Aurum’s last memory of that horrible night was that of a young barbarian leader laughing as he impaled his mother on his cruelly barbed spear. He will never forget the scar he bore across his forehead nor the tattoo of a dragon upon his upper right arm. His mother’s last words to him were “Flee my child! Flee for your life!” and flee he did but he was soon lost in a snow storm. Three days later, after wandering the wilds without food or water he was found, almost lifeless, by a passing human Paladin of Bahamut. The young knight, seeing the small Dragonborn child, took him to his fortress and raised him as his own for the next 17 years, teaching him the ways of Bahamut and Paladinhood. Aurum was happy again and devoted all his time to training and prayer in order to become a true representation of Bahamut. Unfortunately, fate or the Raven Queen, intervened once again. On the cold winter day that Aurum was to finally be fully accepted into the order of Bahamut, alarm bells started ringing in the fortress. Aurum, returning to the fortress after his solitary night long vigil and fast in a distant holy shrine, heard this and ran as fast as he could to help in the defence of all he knew. Sadly, he was too late. When he arrived, all that was left was death and ruin. The small fortress was a destroyed and, though having fought bravely, not a Paladin nor a priest was left alive. Aurum found his “father” surrounded by a pile of barbarian bodies clutching a strangely familiar barbed spear plunged through his lungs. His lasts words to his “son” were “The scar… the scarred man with the dragon… he did this”. Having once again lost everything, Aurum turned his back on Bahamut, cursing him for abandonning his faithful in their time of need. He then turned to the Raven Queen knowing now that the only thing in life that was certain was the cold hand of Death. He now lives his life in the service of his Dark Queen working as a mercenary and hoping to one day find the scared man with the dragon tattoo all the while bringing his Lady’s gift to any who stand in his way.


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