Nerath Reborn

They are the bane of Kobolds or Kobolds are their bane?

Game 2: 2010-03-28

The day begins with breakfast. Salvana Wrafton greets the group as they arrive in the Inn’s common room. Warm oat porridge with chunks of meat from the last evening’s meal is served. All enjoy the meal save for the two shifters, one whose carnivore instincts are assault by the oats and the other who is a vegetarian who is displeased by the meat.

Once the meal is done, Gurdil enquires as to the location of the village blacksmith. Silvana laughs, pointing out the window to the building next door. Now that the players pay attention, the sound of a pounding hammer can be heard outside.

The group heads outside and walks over to the smith’s forge. As they enter the forge, they see the smith with two apprentices working on a ploughshare As the smith pounds on the ploughshare, his two apprentices try and keep the ploughshare from moving. They are, to say the least, failing.

As Gurdil tries to attract the smith’s attention, the smith snarls “Just a minute..I’m busy!”. While the group waits and examines the shop. Many pieces of ironmongery line the walls, Several weapons, a few pieces of armour and a couple shields are all visible on the walls of the smithy.

Once the smith has finished hammering, he hands the hammer to one of the apprentices :”Here! Try and set this parts straight. An mind Mertin’s fingers! He still needs them”.

He wipes his hands on his apron and introduces himself as Thair Coalstriker. “What can do for today?”

Gurdil shows him the two dragonscale shields looted from the kobolds who ambushed the group on the way to the village and enquires if he would be interested in purchasing them. After a good examination of the shields, Thair proposes to buy one and keep the other on consignment. Gurdil agrees and Thair gives him 5gp for the shield.

Thair asks where they came across such a strange shield. Gurdil recounts the ambush on the King’s Road. “Ah!” says Thair “You’ve come across the little pests have you? Getting that merchants fear to travel the road. Getting worse all the time. I fear that many merchants will stop making the trip if things continue”

Gurdil, yet again trying for some easy cash, tries to see if Thais would be ready to fund an expedition to root out the Kobolds. Thair roars in laughter. “Son, you’ve got me confused with someone else. Such a thing is the province of Lord Padraig! Speak to him, if you want a reward. You’ll get none from me for doing what needs doing. Come by in a few days and I’ll tell you if I’ve sold your shield.”

Muling over what Thair has told them, the group decides to speak with Lord Padraig. Having seen the mansion from afar, they know where the Lord’s manor is. Approaching the gate, they speak to the two guards, members of the Winterhaven regulars, who stand guard at the gate to the inner compound.

The group manages to convince the guards that they (the group) should speak to Lord Padraig. One of the guards instructs the group to wait while he informs Lord Padraig that they wish to speak with them. After a few minutes, a medium built, 40ish man approaches. The guard who waited with the group bows his head in greetings. Lord Padraig looks over the group, a somewhat bemused expression at such racial diversity.

“Greetings! My guard here tells me you wish to speak with me?”.

Gurdil, taking the lead, informs Lord Padraig of the group’s encounter with the kobolds and that they heard that he might be interested in getting rid of the kobolds.

Lord Padraig replies:” You’ve encountered the kobolds that have turned the old King’s Road and our outlying farms into their personal hunting grounds? Those beasts vex me sorely. Yet the villagers refuse to recognize the seriousness of the problem. Attacks along the road have grown more frequent over the last few months. Something’s stirring the kobolds up. I don’t suppose you would be interested in taking a commission from me? I promise you, I can pay well for your services.”

The group expresses their interest. Lord Padraig informs them that any property they find within the kobold lair, even items stolen from Winterhaven residents, is their to keep. Additionally, he will pay 100 gp for the destruction of the lair. He pulls out a map of the area and points out the location of the lair, to the south east.

Gurdil attempts to improve the deal but his lack of manners and tack (rolls a one for diplomacy) annoys Lord Padraig, who gruffly informs him that the offers stands as is.

Having secured a commission for the destruction of the kobold lair, the group heads to the town market to shop. Looking around, they spot a shop with a sign proclaiming in grand letters “Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe’.

They enter to discover a shoppe filled to the brim with many strange things along with the commonplace. Knickknacks, doo-dads and various broken items vie for room amoung backpacks, rope, iron rations and other assorted items. After browsing the many items, the group speaks to Bairwin himself, who is an older male human, stooped, skinny and who speaks with a nasal voice. They enquire about more exotic items such as potions. After looking them over, he goes to the back of the store and returns with an assortment of wands, potions and scrolls. After looking over the items, the group purchases a wand, a holy symbol of the Raven Queen and 3 potions of healing. realizes they do not have enough money to buy any of it.

They leave the shop and head out of town, heading south-east once they leave town. After travelling for a couple of hours, they are attacked by yet more kobolds. After a valiant fight where Bark is severely injured, the group manages to kill all the kobolds and loot their corpses. Among the loot, they find a necklace on the priest. On this necklace hangs a small dragon figurine carved of obsidian. On the bottom of the figure is etched the outline of a skull with ram’s horns. Both Asha and Aurum recognize the etching as an abstract representation of the demon lord of the undead, Orcus.

Once they finish collecting whatever is useful from the kobolds, they continue their journey. About an hour later, they begin to hear the sound of a waterfall. As the group sneaks in closer, the begin to see many kobolds through the trees on either side of the river below the falls.

The group decides to send Bark’s Urzula’s bear forward in an outflanking manoeuvre but Asha and Bark break cover and are spotted. As the battle begins, Bark and Aurun charges a kobold located in a circle of runes on the edge of the woods. However, many kobolds are armed with bow and they concentrate their fire on Aurum, hitting him with many arrows.

A difficult fight ensues and while the group has the upper hand, the battle is a difficult one. During the fight, a kobolds is seen to run back towards the falls and to enter into a cave behind them. Urzula attempt to follow him into the cave in the hopes of killing him before he alerts others of his kind.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group kill the remaining kobolds only to have Urzula come racing out of the cave screaming to them to retreat. The group falls back and manage to elude pursuit after a few close calls. Gurdil is nearly besides himself in rage as all the precious loot is now unreachable.


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