Nerath Reborn

The Road to Winterhaven

Game 1: 2010-03-21

As they walk along the road, they suddenly spot small brown scaly humanoids hiding among the rocks on the side of road. As they prepare to defend themselves, the humanoids charge, revealing themselves to be kobolds (Kobolds won the initiative roll and went first).

Those kobolds that were close enough charged Aurum and Bark who were in front of the group. The other kobolds threw javelins.

Bark dispatches the closest kobold while Aurum charges forward towards other kobolds further down the road. Unfortunately, one of the kobolds shoots his sling at him and hit him with a hollow clay pot containing some sort of glue which immobilizes Aurum. After, two larger kobolds rush Aurum and begin to attack him.

With Aurum surrounded, Asha Greyjoy invokes one of her powers to help Aurum but she badly calculates the effects of the spell and, while she does kill 2 of the smaller kobolds, she wounds Aurum, who howls in dismay.

With Aurum badly wounded, the rest of the group attempts to rush forward to support him, dispatching the second kobold that had charged the group. Gurdil does what he can to lift Aurum’s spirits while heading forward himself. Aurum takes heart from the Gurdil’s words and redoubles his efforts to free himself, which he does. (Uses a healing surge and makes his save versus the gluepot’s effects).

Despite the shiftyness of the kobolds, the group eventually kills all the kobolds in hand-to-hand fighting. The last kobold, the slinger, tries to run but the group slows him and dispatches him shortly thereafter.

After assessing their situation, the group searches the kobolds for equipment, finding meager pickings indeed. Once the have rested somewhat, they head for Winterhaven again.

Just as the suns sets, they reach the gate of Winterhaven just as the guards prepare to close the gates. Exchanging friendly banter with the guards, they are informed that the nearest (and only) inn in Winterhaven is just beyond the gates. The guards ask if the Asha Greyjoy is indeed a Deva, never having seen one. The group ask a few questions of the guard such as what is the tall tower in the town. They are informed that the tower belongs to Valthrun the Prescient, a local sage.

Indeed, the Inn is the first building when entering the walls of Winterhaven. As the gates are closed behind them (a legacy of the Time of the Dark), the group enters the Wrafton’s Inn to find it nearly full and very busy. While mostly consisting of humans, several other races are present: a few dwarves, Halflings and even a rare elf sits brooding in the corner.

After a male server tells them the only table is at the back, Gurdil’s attempts to convince the waiter that he should be seated in a better spot. Nonplussed, the waiter informs him that the table is the only one available.

Once seated, the group is informed that the meal consist of Beef stew for 2 sp and that the rooms are available for 5 sp. While Urszulatalks to the locals, Gurdil again attempts to get better food or the same for cheaper and fails. ‘Them’s the prices’ says Salvana Wrafton, the Inn’s proprietor.

After the meal, the group speaks a little to the locals, the group learns that the kobolds who ambushed them are a recurring problem in the area. They are told by Salvana Wrafton that Lord Ernest Padraig, the local Lord has been trying to raise the militia to defeat them but that the local farmers who make up the militia do not see the need as it does not affect them. Lord Ernest Padraig sometimes comes to the Inn and might be interested in speaking to the group since they have fought the kobolds.

Speaking with Eilian the Old, the group also learns that the town was originally founded as a service point for a keep of paladins nearby named Shadowfell keep. The keep fell during the Time of the Dark, 100 years before.

Having supped and obtained rooms for the night, the group heads to their rooms for a well deserved rest.


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