Nerath Reborn

The dead are restless...

Game 7:2010-08-07

The group decides to finish exploring the level. They enter the Crypt of Shadows, where Splug had said the way down was located. Exploring a bit brings them to runes carved into the floor. The group decides to not cross them yet and explore further. As they explore, they come upon a room filled with zombies who do not attack them.

Ashadecides to destroy them using one of her powers.

She moves into the room to cast the power at full effect but as soon as she sets foot within the room, the zombies ‘wake up’ and attack. Luckily, she still manages to cast her power, destroying most of the zombies. the group quickly finish of the remaining zombies.

Once they have cleared the room, they move south, finding a long hallway with ten sarcophagi lined up on each side of the hall. As they move forward, the sarcophagi open, letting many skeletons out, which immediately attack them.

As they fight off the skeletons, more appear from the sarcophagi. The fight is hard fought and, after many rounds, no more skeletons appear from the sarcophagi to trouble them. The group searches the room, finding a door which leads them to a tomb. It turns out to be the tomb of Sir Keegan, the last commander of the fortress. He appears to the group as a ghost, demanding to know their business in the fortress and if they are in league with the evil that lives there.

After many questions, the group manage to convince Sir Keegan that they are there to oppose the evil that haunts the halls. Satisfied that the group is on the right side, Sir Keegan gifts the group with a magical sword call Aecris.

Once Sir Keegan has returned to his rest, the group moves north to finish exploring the rest of the corridors in this area. As they move north, they come across more runes carved in the floor. Eventually, they decide to cross one as they cannot go forward without doing so. Gurdil moves forward and a flash of blue light releases a spell tied to the runes. Gurdil is affected by a fear spell and is compelled to run back southward. As they group tries to stop him, more zombies turn the corner and attack.

The group manages to destroy the zombies and Gurdil return to lend them aid as the spell wears off. The group then moves forward, finding that stairs that seem to descend down to the next level.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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