Nerath Reborn

Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire

Game 6: 2010-07-04

The group decides to rest. They lock themselves in a storeroom for the night.

The next morning, the group returns to the bedroom of Balgron the Fat and open the secret door leading from his chamber. They cautiously follow the passage and open the door at the other end.

As they exit the secret passage, they hear voices to the east, which seem to come from several goblins. Since none of them speak goblin, they ask Splug to interpret. Splug informs them that the goblins are arguing about what to do with the treasure they have just found. Apparently, some want to tell Balgron and others want to steal it and run away.

The group decides that the word ‘treasure’ sounds interesting and charge into the room. Once inside, they discover a large hall with most of the floor dug out. In fact, only a few intact portions of the room’s floor remain, linked by boards. Several goblin and large quadruped lizards are in the room. The group attacks and the goblins fight back.

During a vicious battle, the goblins send the lizards forward while they use their crossbows to harry the PCs. During the battle, Gurdil goes forward to attack the goblins, leaving Splug at the back. He tries to flee, with Asha Greyjoy in hot pursuit just as the last goblin in the room falls.

Asha chases Splug all the way back to the entry hall where she is ambushed by Balgron, who was lurking in the entry hall, waiting for just such an occasion. Asha cries for help and the rest of the group rushes to her aid. While the group manages to kill Balgron, Splug took the opportunity to escape.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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