Nerath Reborn

Even the best laid plans

Game 5: 2010-06-06

Having healed up a bit from their encounter around the entrance hall, the group now heads west then north. The group arrives at the door outside the torture chamber. They listen and hear the occupants move around.

The group decides to ‘spike’ the door to block it, to permit them to explore other parts of the dungeon. However, as the pound in the first spike, the occupants manage to bash in the door after a failed attempt.

The door is bashed open by the hobgoblin torturer. As the group fights with him, his comrades (goblin sharpshooters) harry the group. In the end, the group manages to defeat the humanoids. As they search the bodies and the rooms, they meet Splug, a goblin who is prisoner in a cell. He tells the group that he is a prisoner because his fellow goblins because he drank their beer.

The group interrogates him and he tells them that through the double doors just south of the door they just came in is Balgron the Fat, the meanest of the goblins. He also tells them of a room where the goblins are digging for treasure.

The group prepares an attack on the goblins in that location by placing a table across the door to act as a barricade. Once they open the door, the group gets assaulted by 14 goblins, some armed with javelins. While the barricade does the job of slowing down the goblins, it also provides cove for Balgron to advance. Asha Greyjoy attacks Balgron with a Execrate. Balgron shrugs off the attack quickly but, as is her habit, Asha feels the pain of her attack for long after her target, nearly resulting in her death.

Once the battle turns against Balgron, he flees, locking a door behind him. The group lose track of Balgron. Though they eventually bash in the door, Balgron is gone.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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