Nerath Reborn

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game 4: 2010-05-16

The groups returns to Winterhaven after having defeated the kobolds.

As they approach the town, Urszula decides to stay outside the town to keep watch for anyone who might leave who would be the spy.

The rest of the group enters the town and heads for Lord Padraig’s compound. As they walk through the town they notice that the villagers are nervous and very skittish.

The small fields around the the walled heart of Winterhaven seem strangely empty. Inside the walls, the few villagers you see walking around appear nervous, pausing to give furtive glances before darting away.

As the group approaches the gates to Lord Padraig’s compound, Bark pulls IronTooth’s head from a cloth bag, still dripping with blood and covered in flies.

The guard sends his colleague to get Lord Padraig while he ‘disposes’ of the head. Meanwhile, the second guard returns and leads the group to meet Lord Padraig by a side entrance to his manse.

Seated at a table in the servant’s dining hall, Lord Padraig thanks the group for riding the village of the threat of the kobolds. He sends a servant to retrieve the 100 gp as their reward. While waiting for the servant to return, the group gives Lord Padraig the scroll they found in the kobold laird. Lord Padraig is disturbed that a spy is in Winterhaven and the mention of Orcus make him suggest that the group speak with Valthrun the Prescient who should be able to inform them about Orcus and the portal mentioned in the letter. To expedite matters, he writes a note to Valthrun explaining that the situation. He stamps his seal in the note and dismisses the group.

The group heads for Valthrun’s tower. After knocking and showing him the note, Valthrun’s concern is evident. He tells them of the history of Shadowfell Keep and how it fell when the commander went insane. He also informs them that the keep’s purpose was to guard a gate to Shadowfell and that must be the portal that is mentioned in the note. Orcus would send undead legions through the portal and the world would fall into darkness.

After discussion, Valthrun will speak to Lord Padraig on the group’s behalf about a reward. Meanwhile, the gorup begins preparation for their expedition. They go get Urzula outside the walls and gather supplies. Gurdil returns to see Thair Coalstriker to inquire about the shields left on commission.

Thair tells him that the shield sold for 6 gp to a caravan guard for the Halfmoon Trading House and that the guard expressed interest in getting more.

The group returns to the Inn and speak with many of the people there, who express that a feeling of foreboding is why everyone is nervous. A messenger arrives confirming that Lord Padraig will pay them 250gp if the successfully stop the opening of the portal.

The next morning the group heads for Shadowfell Keep. They find a set of stair obviously cleared out and kept passable. The stair descend deep into the earth. The group descends down that stair and arrive in a large room with several passages and 4 columns holding up the ceiling. As Urzula passes between the pillars, she falls into a pit trap and the rest of the group is attacked by several goblins.

During the fight, Urzula climbs out of the pt and Asha Greyjoy manages to push one of the goblins into the pit here he remains stuck until killed by Asha. However, Urzula nearly dies from a bleeding wound received from the rat swarm that was in the pit.


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