Nerath Reborn

It's worth HOW MUCH?!?!...We'll find a way!

Game 30: 2012-09-16

27th of April AD

The party arrives at the southern end the Battlefield Downs, an ancient battle site where thousands had died.

They cautiously enter the valley following the eastern wall of the valley. Several snow drifts, not yet melted due to the sheltered nature of the downs, block their way.

As they advance, they find a pile of old rusted weapons, a hole filled with junk and a well organized pile of bones, where all the parts have been sorted and organized by type. The pile is huge and is composed of thousands of bones from hundreds of bodies of all origins. humans, orcs, animals, all are present in the pile.

As the group continues its progress, they come to the northern end of the little valley they are in and, as they come out from behind a snow drift, they see a large smoking crater surrounded with several undead. As the undead see them, they attack the group.

The battle is over very quickly as the undead are no match for the group. They quickly dispatch the last of the undead and approach the crater. Seeing the remains of another cadaver in the bottom of the crater, the group manages to retrieve the body without being affected by the noxious green grass coming from the bottom of the crater. On the body, which seems to date from long ago, they find an intact hide armour (Survival Armour 2), a holy symbol (2) and 500 gp.

From the crater, the group sees a small building, badly maintained. They approach the building and enter it. Within the building, they find it to be strangely clean and uncluttered. They find a huge oaken arch carved with many runes carved all over the arch, including the lower bottom part. They also find the remains of a large book, which seems to have been torn to shreds. Using a ritual, Asha rebuilds the book and examines it. It seems to be a log book concerning the arch which is, apparently, the other end of the teleport portal through which the attack on the conference was sent.

The log book details how to activate the portal and some of the background on how to create it. It is not, in itself, the ritual to create a True Portal but notes taken while the ritual was used. It also identifies the person who wrote the book: Ali-Rabak, an infamous mage long unheard of.

The group suspects that both the journal and the arch itself are potentially worth tens of thousands of gold pieces since the ability to create True Portals was lost when the Dark rose. They resolve to bring both the journal and the arch back to Fallcrest.

However, the sheer size and weight (about 10′×10′ and 1700lbs) make such a burden difficult to move. Asha says that if she creates enough Floating Disks, she should be able to carry the arch on them.

After several hours of creating the disks and maneuvering the arch onto the disks, the group manages to get the arch mobile. They start the long and slow process of carrying the arch out of the valley and the long road back to Fallcrest.


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