Nerath Reborn

A Mildly Annoyed Dwarf

Game 29: 2012-06-24

23rd of April 100 AD (Cont)

Bark runs out, following the Guards who are headed to the painter’s house. Unfortunately, even before reaching the house, it is evident that the haste was unnecessary: the house is on fire. After helping the bucket brigade, the group go to bed, knowing the next day will be a long one.

24th of April 100AD.

The next day, the group meets Lord Padraig at the remains of the painter’s house. As they talk with Lord Padraig, the headless corpse of one of the guards inspecting the ruins is thrown out on the street. Inside the ruins, something has attacked and killed the guards. The group rushes in, to find an animated pill of fiery bones. They battle the Charnel Cinderhouse inside the ruins, eventually defeating it. They search the ruins for clues, but find nothing of note save for an amulet.

Lord Padraig had summoned help from the Keep and the guards take over the site as the group comes out. He tells the group to clean up and to come to the Duke’s quarters since he and the Duke would like to meet them again.

Later, the group meets with Lord Padraig and the Duke. They learn that little is known of what happened to the Nenlast envoy and Lord Padraig asks them to travel to Nenlast to investigate. They also learn that the location from where the undead teleported in to attack the Ball is on the way in an area called the Battlefield Downs. Lastly, they will travel with a part of the Hammerfast delegation that is returning home. Apparently, one of their number is acting strangely and the Duke suspects that something is wrong. The group can meet the delegation the next morning at the Wizard’s Gate.

25th of April 100AD

The next morning, the group is on their way to meet the Hammerfast delegation at the east Gate. Urszula goes to retrieve her animals at the Temple and takes a shortcut to the gate. As she approaches, she overhears one of the dwarven guards giving instructions to the delegation leader in a forceful manner, stating that Tiamat is looking on and that the delegate had better tow the line. Surprised and intrigued, Urszula heads back tot the Temple and updates the Temple leader so that she can update the Duke. Urszula then returns to the gate and rejoins the group, informing them of the information as soon as she can. The group keeps an eye on the guard, who acts just like a normal underling should.

During the first night, the group discusses what to do and they notice that the other dwarven guards do not socialize with the ‘special’ guard. During guard duty, the group pretend that the caravan is under attack by Giants and convice the dwarven guards, except the ‘special’ one, to leave. They then drop the tent on top of the strange dwarf and hit him with all they’ve got. The dwarf gets up and out of the tent, backhands one of the group, sending him flying across the camp and proceeds to inform the group not to anoy him again.

The other dwarves return from their wild goose chase pissed at the group. However, when they see the tent of the strange dwarf andrealize that the group attack him, they become very afraid and none dare go back to sleep that night.

26th of April 100AD

The next day, the caravan moves on, with very quiet dwarven guards, an obviously amused dwarf and a soemwhat confused group and merchants. That evening they reach the 5 League Inn and all the dwarves continue on to Hammerfast. The group prepares a message for the Duke and arrange to have it sent back. They stay at the Inn that evening and will depart for the Battlefield Downs the next morning.


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