Nerath Reborn

That Painting Is Really Lifelike

Game 28: 2012-06-10

19th of April 100 AD (Cont)

The group returns to their Inn where they discuss the day’s events. A knock at the door returns them to the present ad they prepare for the worse as they open the door. They find a single man with grey hair who introduces himself as “Sir Tirkos Northmarch, Aide-de-camp to his grace, Duke Alegan Tangier”. He has been sent to bring Lord Padraig’s representative before the Duke.

The group is escorted before the duke, who inquires as to when Lord Padraig will arrive, as all the other representatives have arrived and several assassination attempts have occurred. After discussing with the group, the Duke schedules the opening Ball 4 days later, giving time for the group to return to Winterhaven and escort Lord Padraig to Fallcrest. The Duke also writes a pass for Urzula’s animals, so that she may bring them to Fallcrest unimpeded.

20th of April 100 AD
After returning to Winterhaven, the group escort Lord Padraig to Fallcrest without incident.

23rd of April 100AD
Once in Fallcrest, they obtain appropriate clothing and attend the Ball with Lord Padraig. As Lord Padraig now has a formal bodyguard, the group is free to mingle with the attendees. As they wander around the room, their attention is caught by a very large map painted on one of the walls of the ballroom. Inspecting it, they realize that the ‘frame’ of the map, painted around the map, is in fact a teleport portal.

As they discuss this discovery, the map inside the frame disappears and is replaced by a woodland scene at night. As the group looks on, several zombies and other undead creatures come through the portal and attack the Ball goers.

In an intense battle, the group battles the zombies who attack blindly anyone they can reach, finally destroying the attackers. As the situation is under control, a group of royal guards rush out to seek the painter of the map and its frame. Bark follows.


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