Nerath Reborn

They Checked In but They Never Checked Out.

Game 27: 2012-04-15

17th of April 100AD(Cont.)
Having explored the behir’s caves, the group decides to camp within the cave, escaping the poor weather outside.

18th of April 100AD
The group reaches Fallcrest that evening. While they travel, they make a point of taking note of all ambush locations so that their return trip with Lord Padraig will be better prepared. Once in Fallcrest, they head for the Nentir Inn. However, once at the Inn, the stable boy refuses to have anything to do with Urzula’s bear or wolf. Urzula then bring them into the common room, where the barkeep demands he take the bear and wolf outside.

Inside the Inn are four Nerathi Royal Guards. Their captain approaches and asks the barkeep if he can b of service. After some protracted negotiations, Urzula agrees to send the wolf and bear to a nearby wood, so as not to panic the Inn’s customers. The barkeep, satisfied, mutters something about ‘crazed adventurers’.

Bark, having spoken with the Guard Captain, asks why they are there, as Nerath if far away. The captain explains that he is part of a contingent sent to escort Duke Alegan of the Bloody Coin to Fallcrest.

After a quick meal, the group goes to bed.

19th April 100AD
That morning, the group heads for Fallcrest save for Urszula, who needs to smuggle her animals inside the city. She uses the ferry and a little with the ferryman to get them across. He then heads for the Monsong temple, where he convinces the cleric to keep them for him.

The group heads for Arrick’s tower. Arrick is the mage friend of Lord Padraig. They knock and introduce themselves and give him the letter of introduction sent by Lord Padraig.

Arrick welcomes them and informs them that all the envoys for the conference with Duke Alegan have arrived save two: Lord Padraig and the envoy from the village of Nenlast. The later has been killed on the road.

As the group discuses with Arrick of how to proceed , he suggests they speak with Selarund, the head of the Halfmoon trading cartel. He arranges for them to give Selarund a signal that will identify them as being sent by him.

The group goes and meets Selarund. Once they have identified themselves, Selraund discusses the conference and the notable comings and goings in the last few weeks. Among the many unique events, such as the arrival of the Royal Messenger, she notes the arrival of a trading caravan from Alketch, the southern empire. She notes that their arrival was quite well known, they seem to have disappeared as their departure was never seen.

The group decides to investigate this and they discover that the Southerners were interested in the island in the middle of the Nentir river. Urszula recovers her wolf and bear and the group heads for the island.

As they explore the island, they find stairs leading down in an old tower. They find a small series of rooms below the tower. As they move through the rooms, they come upon 4 southerners who,upon seeing them, immediately attack. In a brief but intense battle, the group defeats the Southerners and explores the rest of the small dungeon. They discover that the Southerners were in Fallcrest to disrupt the conference but find nothing indicating who sent them and how they planned to do this.


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