Nerath Reborn

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Game 26: 2012-04-01

16th of April , 100 AD

The group decides to return to Winterhaven. Using the horses they found behind the barn and their own mounts, they are able to return to Winterhaven at top speed.

They arrive and immidiatly head for Lord Padraig’s residence. Their evident haste makes the chamberlain, who greets them as they ride up to Lord Padraig’s residence, curious. The chamberlain was overseeing the unloading of a wagon and quickly asks them what is amiss. The group insists on seeing Lord Padraig. The chamberlain agrees and leads them into the house to find Lord Padraig.

They find Padraig on the second floor, also overseeing the unpacking of a chest from the wagon. As the group enters the room, the group recognizes the face of one of the teamsters. They realize that he has the same features as one of the corpses they found behind the barn, two hours east of Winterhaven.

As they shout a warning to Lord Padraig, he immediately moves out of the room, surprising both the group and his assailants with his speed. Instantly, a battle erupts between the two teamsters, now cornered in the room and the group who surge forward to attack the intruders.

As the battle progresses, Urszula’s bear is surprised by an attack from the chest which turns out to be a large mimic. The mimic grabs the bear and holds it in its acidic grasp, severely wounding the bear over the course of the battle. Additionally, the third teamsters outside rushes inside to help his comrades.

Aurum, who had been standing guard outside, attempts to follow him but is blocked by Urszula’s wolf mount who is under orders to block entrance to all. The doppelganger had managed to slip buy undetected but the wolf will not let Aurum in to help in the battle.

Eventually, the group manages to kill the two intruders, who appear to be doppelgangers and then proceed to dispatch the mimic, freeing the bear.

As Lord Padraig recovers, the group fills him in to what they found when searching for the messenger and the events at the farm. Lord Padraig wastes no time and orders his guards to secure the town in case other assassins are present. He thanks the group and then sees to the defences of the town.

Later, the group follows the clients of Wrafton’s Inn to listen to Padraig address the town. He explain the assassination attempt and asks that the villagers be on the lookout for suspicious activity.

He then invites the group to meet the messenger so that they can receive the message from the King.

Lord Padraig and the group visit the Messenger in his rooms, where he lies recuperating from his wounds. The group gives him the Red Arrow and the messenger formaly identifies himslef and has Lord Padraig do the same. He then speaks the command word and an image of the King delivers the message to Lord Padraig.

The King requests that Lord Padraig attend a conference in Fallcrest on the first of June to discuss the reunification of the Nentir Vale with the Kingdom of Nerath. Lord Padraig formally replies to the messenger that he will attend the meeting.

Lord Padraig and the group excuse themselves and leave the Messenger to rest. They proceed to another room wehre they discuss their next move. It is decided that the group will proceed to Fallcrest to reconoiter the town and then return to escort Lord Padraig to the town.

Lord Padraig provides a introduction letter to his mage friend in Fallcrest and the group makes preparations to leave.

17th of April , 100AD

The group leaves Winterhaven and rides east to Fallcrest. During their trip, the weather sours and it begins to rain heavily. As the reach a small canyon through which the road travels, the group is nearly swept away from a landslide that rips off a large portion of the northern canyon wall.

As the group back up on the road and assesses the situation, a large lizard like creature emerges from a cave now exposed by the landslide. The creature seems agitated and, when it sees the group, attacks. The creature, a behir, charges the group and frequently attacks them with a lightning burst that shocks the group several times.

A long and difficult battle ensues with many a boom from the behir’s lightning attack. Eventually,. however, the group overcomes its defenses and slay the beast. The group cautiously explores the cave from which the behir emerged and discover some coins and a gem among the remains of the Behir’s past meals.


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