Nerath Reborn

The McStompers stomp on!

Game 25:m2012-03-18

15th of April 100 A.D.

After having heard the plea for help from Lord Padraig, the group accepts to help but, as usual, Gurdil negotiates hard for some reward for the “McMithril’s Dragon Stompers”, his new name for the group.

Lord Padraig does agree to a reward, to be specified later. The group immediately gathers their possessions and heads east on the King’s Road.

About two hours east of Winterhaven, the group comes upon 5 corpses lined up on the road. They cautiously approach and find the corpses to be those of 4 humans and 1 eladrin. The eladrin is dressed in the red uniform of a Royal Messenger while only one of the humans has the remains of a black uniform of a Royal Guard.

The group searches the corpses and the general vicinity and finds little except for a path that leads off the King’s Road and heads north. They do find one thig out of the ordinary: on the inside of the messengers left arm, it is written in blood “Bahamut save the King and Nerath”.

After some discussion, Urzula takes the messenger’s body and return to Winterhaven with it, in hopes of having the man raised from the dead.

The rest of the group keep the corpses of the Guards and keep going down the King’s Road. After about two hours, Gurdil receives a Sending from Lord Padraig:
Urzula arrived, No raise available, will procure one, speak with dead tomorrow, stop and wait for Urzula’s return. Please find arrows. Padraig

The group waits for the return of Urzula and, the day being essentially over, make camp that night.

16th of April 100 A.D.

The next morning, Gurdil receives another Sending from Lord Padraig:
Speak with dead, attackers 11 humans, messenger thinks near Winterhaven now, might have split up, check abadonned farms north of road. Padraig.

The group heads back towards Winterhaven and take the first path north they come upon. As they follow the path, it becomes evident that the path was once a minor road towards an abandonned village. As they come upon the remains of the villages, they see a clearing in the distance where the building seems to be a bit more intact than usual. As they cross the remains of what might once have been a fence, they see a humanoid figure on the roof of the building.

Unfortunatly, he sees them too and shouts something down to the building. As the group approaches, several men emerge from the building and begin to shot arrows at the group as they approach.

The group spreads out and behind to work its way towards the building. Asha creates a portal to permit most of the group to teleport forward, making their approach faster. As the group emerges in front of the 3 archers, one of them calls for help. From behind the building emerges another 4 men, who attack the group. The enemy fights a well fought retreat, edging ever closer to the back of the building.

Urzula, who had not teleported in but stayed in his horse, kills on of the archers, making another flee for his life. The bandit leader, alone before the group, falls back as fast as he can towards the remainder of his allies. the fleeing archer mounts a horse that was unseen behind the building and attempt to flee on horseback, only to be cut down by Urzula.

Another of the brigands also manages to get to a mount, only to be killed by one of the group.

Having dispatched the last of the brigands, the group inspects the area and their corpses. On the man who seemed to be the leader of the group, they find a red arrow, a suit of magical armor (warsheath armor +2) and a scroll. On this scroll is written the following message:

a Royal Messenger will be leaving tomorrow heading west on the King’s Road. He will be heading towards Winterhaven. Take Kunzan and his men and intercept the messenger and his escort as far west as you can. Kill them and take the Arrows. Leave the corpses where they can be found. Send Kunzan to Winterhaven and have him kill the Lord of Winterhaven, a man called Ernest Padraig. If he can, have him replace him and impersonate him.

If he does manage to replace Padraig, have him travel to Fallcrest within the week to attend the conference with the King’s representatives but make sure the real Padraig never makes it to the conference.

Behind the building, they find 7 horses and the remains of three humans, who have been dead some two days. The remains have no identifying marks and have minimal clothing. The group ponders what it all means.


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