Nerath Reborn


Game 24: 2012-01-21

As the group readies to execute the ceremony with the four artefacts they found, they cast Unseen Servant and Tenser’s floating disk.

The group splits up to place the artefacts in the runes at the same time. As they place the objects in the circles, all the doors in the complex bang open and a large roars echoes through the complex. From below, a dragon surges out of the large well in the centre of the complex.

The dragon moves towards the doors leading to the Inner Sanctum. These doors are opening, but very slowly. As the dispersed members regroup to defend against the dragon, Asha casts a spell that stuns the dragon. Bark then pins the dragon to the ground using earth grasp.

The source of the marks in the hallway is suddenly known as a large sphere turns the corner, moving down the corridor. The dragon, stunned and pinned to the ground is crushed by the sphere. As the dragon attempts to get out of the hallway, the group endeavours to keep it there with all their powers. Again, the sphere returns and crushes the dragon again.

As the dragon reels from the second crushing, Aurum closes in and kills the creature with a mighty blow to the head.

Having defeated the Guardian, the group takes a short rest and congratulates each other for their victory.

The group now advances slowly into the inner sanctum. They enter large chamber:

This chamber is dominated by a leering idol depicting a howling minotaur warrior armed with a massive axe. Before this idol is an iron cauldron filled with a bubbling liquid that gives off a thick mist. A short staircase leads to a raised area that over looks the idol. Three more cauldrons are set in this upper area, along with a stone altar. To the east of the altar, a series of green ghostly runes have been scribed on the floor.
Two humans, the last missing members of the caravan, stand within the the glowing runes. They appear to be in some kind of trance.
A gnoll with large bat wings and curved horns stands behind the altar. He grasps a rod in one hands and a sheaf of parchment in the other. A massive apelike demon stands beside him, while a small pack of carnage demons snarls at the group from atop the raised platform. Looming over all of them is a massive skeleton of a minotaur clutching a greataxe. With a shrill howl from the gnoll, the monsters move to attack.

The group moves forward, intent on rescuing the humans trapped in the circles. A fierce battle rages and, allthe while, the gnoll keeps chanting. As his cries reach a crescendo, one of the humans screams and disappears violently from the circle.

The group battle all the harder, dispatching the skeleton first then the apelike demon. Quickly they surround the gnoll, interfering with his chanting while fighting off the carnage demons.

With a final effort, the group overcomes the last opponents and free the last missing survivor of their caravan.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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