Nerath Reborn


Game 23: 2011-11-13

The group leaves the chamber of blood and heads south. They find a room with many pools of different colours in it. They spend much time examining the pools and their contents, trying to determine their nature. Finally, they end up sampling a few of the pools with now great effect.

Further south, they find another set of double doors and open them.

A hot blast of damp air washes over them as the double doors to this chamber opens. The room ahead is carved from black rock. Here and there, pillars formed of piled bodies stretch from the floor to ceiling. Gibbering mouths, darting eyes, and squirming arms which end in taloned hands move within the strange columns of flesh. As one, the forms within the pillars let loose a mournful howl.

The group enters the room, and attacks the first pillar. Bark moves deeply into the room, some part of which are not visible from the entrance. As the group moves further into the room, they are surprised by demons that leap from within the pillars and attack them.

A larger demon is present at the back, near an altar with a bell on it.

The battle goes poorly until the group finally decides to coordinate their attacks on the smaller demons, dispatching them on by one. The larger demon, which seems reluctant to move away from the altar is then attack in a concerted way and brought down.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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