Nerath Reborn

I'm not going in there!

Game 22: 2011-10-23

The group take a moment to rest before continuing its exploration of the Well. They decide to follow the bloodstains back to their origins. The stains lead to the double doors they cam e across at the entrance of the Proving Grounds.

As they open the doors, they come in on a room that is obviously a Temple to Baphomet. A bloodstained altar, several pillars and two statues are found in the room. The group proceeds very cautiously, examining everything in detail. As they search the room, they realize that the altar can be moved and beneath they find a large amount of money and some gems. On the altar, they find the book mentioned by the ghosts.

The group uses another set of double doors out of the temple. They enter a large hallway that bears the obvious marks of something very large being moved through it. The hallway make it way around a central chamber with a large well in the middle. After a quick look around, the group decides to open some doors to the west. They enter a room with several statues that are very lifelike. Again, the group proceeds very cautiously, but this time they find nothing of note.

They do, however, find more doors heading west. As they open them, they come upon a scene straight from the Abyss:

They stand on a small stone platform overlooking two large pools of bloods (50X100). A stone walkway divides the room and sits just above the surface of the pools. On the opposite sides of the room, lagre bronze statues of snarling minotaurs face each other. Each monitaur statue holds a long barbed whip, as if about to strike. A smaller minotaur statue stands between besides each door leading into this place (2). Flaking the large statues on the far side of the room are two pedestals that rise out of the blood. On one pedestal rests a grey dagger-sized blade. On the other rests a matching hilt.

Asha attempts to bind the closest statue with rope using his unseen servant. She then sends her servant to get the hilt. As the unseen servant returns with the hilt, something in the pool attacks it from below, dropping the hilt into the pool of blood. At the same time, the large statues begin to move, rotating t high speed with their chain whips. Unfortunately, the ropes that Asha has tied on the minotaur are not enough to contain the maginc within and the whip attacks all the party who are on the platform closest to it.

Aurum gets pulled into the pools of blood. One after the other, the group retreats out of the room. Aurum manages to climb out of the room and escapes also. The party regroups and casts a Water Walk ritual.

They return to the room and send the unseen servant again for the blade. Again, the unseen servant is attacked and the blade falls in the pool. The trap re-activates also.

Asha attempt to navigate across the pool on her Floating Disk but is pushed off. Then, the creature in the pool begin to attack the group. As chaos ensues, several of the group fall in the pool, either from the chains or by the demons attacking them.

Eventually, the group defeats the demons and destroy the statues to stop the trap, but not before Urzula falls unconscious from the poison in the pool.


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