Nerath Reborn

Just kill the darn thing!

Game 19: 2011-07-02

The group heads for the Well of Demons. When they reach the area indicated on the map, they find a large room with several columns and a pit in the floor off to a side. As the group enters cautiously, a creature with long arms hanging off the ceiling attacks Aurum. Gurdil, in an attempt to free Aurum from the creatures Choke attack, hits Aurum as the creature uses the later as a shield.

As the group maneuvers to defend against another of the creatures, the floor under Urzulaerupts with many tentacles as a Phalagar attacks the group.

As the Phalagar keeps the group pinned with its tentacles, two chokers and a ghoul attack. Urzula manages to hit the Phalagar with a massive attack and Ashafinishes it. Once the distraction of the Phalagr is gone, the group easily dispatches the Ghoul and one of the chokers. However, the second choker almost manages to escape until the group hunts it down in extremis.

The group decides to move west, cautiously opening a set of doors. They find a long corridor filled with the stench of rotting food. As the advance, they find a side room with several gnolls in it. As the battle erupts, the group is attacked by several hyenas from further down the corridor. While the group fights the gnolls, they disagree on how to deal with the hyenas. Urzula orders the group to leave the hyenas alone and fethces a corpse to feed them. Gurdil beset by the hyenas, ignores the her orders and defends himself. Urzula is so upset with this that she strikes him but misses.

Gurdil, upset at this, hits back and orders her to attack the hyenas. Urzula, intimidated by Gurdil, obeys, much to her chagrin.

In the end, Urzula manages to calm one of the four hyenas that attacked but Asha destroys it, saying that it is too dangerous to live.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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