Nerath Reborn

Grandstanding never pays.

Game 17: 2011-03-26

The group listens to a door leading further away from the bridges. They hear rough voices speaking in a guttural language. A rumbling voice interrupts the speakers; the first speaker laughs harshly and then resumes talking. The group discusses tactics. they decide to draw the enemy out of the room.

Asha Greyjoy opens the door, casts a spell and retreats back down the hallway. An ogre rushes out and follows Asha only to be ambushed down the hall. However, the ambushers are then caught between the Orcs who remained in the room and the ogre. The orcs begin to throw axes at the group while the ogre is slain. One of the orcs again attempts to flee and is caught in extremis by Bark

The group explores the room and finds that this room connects to a large tunnel leading away from the complex. They leave that door unlocked in case they need to flee. They then cross the hall and charge into the room where the orc was rying to flee. Inside they see:

Two large fireplaces-both filled with roaring flames-stand on either side of the room. A short staircase leads up to an area furnished as a bedroom. The stairs are flanked by statues of leering gargoyle-like monsters.

Several grim-looking dwarves with grey skin and bristling, orange beards glare at you. One stands at the top of the stairs, wearing armor of black plate and carrying an enormous maul.

“So, you think to challenge the Grimmerzhul?” he snarls. “It’s your last mistake, fools! I think I’ll sells the lot of you to mind flayers and count my gold while they feast of your brains.”

During the ensuing battle, Bark gets pushed into one of the fireplaces, where he is severally burned. Aurum charges a duegar Theurge, smiting him with Paladin’s judgement, killing him.

The guards, two duegar shock troopers, use their power to enlarge themselves and hold the doors against the group. The group defeatsthem nonetheless. The duegar leader, standing by a fireplace, turns to mock the group. It turns out to be a fatal mistake because he is stuck down before he manages to duck into the fireplace.


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