Nerath Reborn

The Grand Finale....for now.

Game 12: 2010-11-13

The group now goes to the stairways leading down. They enter a large hall, obviously a religious building.

Crimson streams trail across the floor and terminate at a grate surrounding a hole in the floor of this shadowy cathedral. Blue green light emanates from crystal columns. A dais along the eastern wall appears to supply the blood. A human in dark robes stands there, knife raised high, singing the praises of the demon lord Orcus! A tattoo of a ram’s skull covers the man’s face

A soon as the battle begins, the group tries to flank to their left, using a side door of the vestibule. The berserkers charge up the main door while the vampire spawn and the Dark Creeper all head towards the group on the left side.

The berserkers manage to surround Bark in the entry hall and render him unconscious. Meanwhile the priest come in behind the berserkers to support their flank by boosting them and cursing Gurdil. The group manages to kill the berserkers and then gangs up on the priest, finally killing him.

Patching their wounds, the group climbs down the chains that leads into the hole. They discover the Shadow Rift in a large room with a lage pool of blood int eh center of the room. They manage to surprise the people present but their advantage is short lived.

They quickly dispatch 2 skeleton warriors but Kalarel teleports to a magic circle which boost his power and renders him difficult to attack. While they redeploy to attack him in the circle, a wight uses his powers to immobilize and attack the group from across the hall and the Thing in the portal behind the magic circle attack any who venture to close. The group, caught between Kalarel and the wight, are hard pressed to defeat either. Finally, the group manages to defeat the wight and concentrate on Kalarel. Even then, he is difficult to defeat. Only when, in his arrogance, he steps out of the circle do they manage to defeat him.

Their joy is short lived as whatever it is behind the portal grabs the unconscious Kalarel, dragging him Beyond. As the chill of the presence of the Thing fades, the group realized that the hall is near collapse as the magic powers that kept it erect fades. They hurry to escape the hall and the cathedral above as both collapse in a long slow rumble that shake the Keep to its very core. Orcus must have decided the Portal would be of no further use to him.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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