Nerath Reborn

Blocking the wrong door

Game 11: 2010-10-09

Having fought off a surge of undead from the room beyond the door Gurdil smashed in, the group now cautiously investigates the room. Finding the room essentially empty, they spot a large crack in a wall big enough to permit Gurdil to enter the tunnel. Gurdil finds the lair of one of the ghouls with the accumulated junk of several victims. Among the junk, he also finds a bag of holding.

The group also finds a large stairway down but they prefer to fall back and investigate other corridors on the same level that they have not seen yet.

The heads east from the main hallway, finding a long corridor with double doors heading north and a hallway heading south. They open the doors:
A short hall opens into a wider, torch lit chamber. A figure peeks around the corner, looking down the hal. The figure is human sized, with big pointed ears emerging from under its helmet. He screams out, “We’re under attack”" and ducks out of sight to the east.

The group charges into the room, following the sentinel into another room. This permits the hobgoblins to flank the group and a vicious battle ensues. A hobgoblin Warcaster uses his powers to throw Bark across the room. During the battle, Urszula falls as several hobgoblins concentrate on her. Finally, Gurdil leads a counterattack which kills off the last hobgoblins with Aurumusing his breath to bring down several of the lesser enemies.

The battle having severely taxed the group, they decide to rest after, barricading themselves into the newly conquered hall.

After their rest, they head down the hallway they saw earlier. Down the hallway, Urzula spots a trap by noticing that the flagstones are uneven. Jumping over the trap, the group heads down the hallway. Finding the room empty with several doors, they decide to barricade one of the doors. As they try and move the 2000lbs oak table, the doors burst open and they are attacked a hobgoblin Warchief and his retainers.

The hobgoblins charge Bark, who is in front, and manage to render him unconscious. Aurum manages to revive Bark but the hobgoblins drop a portcullis across the entrance, trapping the Warchief in the room while they flee. The warchief manage to bring Bark down again but he is slain by Aurum.


MarkGiguere MarkGiguere

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