Nerath Reborn

The Steeve Strikes Back (a.k.a. rolling 1s forever)

Game 10: 2010-10-03

Corridor of the Cube.

The group now heads south then west from the main hall. The hallway turns south and ends at a set of double doors:

A board has been nailed across these doors. Scrawled on the door in the Common script is the word “Closed”.

The group tears the board off and opens the doors.

The doors open to reveal a short, 10-feet wide corridor that splits left and right. The floor is remarkably clean and dust free.

Urzula, poking her head around the corner, spot what seems to be a gelatinous cube down the eastern hallway. The group discusses for quite some time about what to do. Too long. The cube advances towards the group. They quickly throw some lantern oil in the hallway but the cube doesn’t care.

During the fight, both Bark and Aurum are engulfed by the cube. Bark is, in fact, engulfed multiple time and is near death before the group manages to kill the cube.

The group decides to rest between the doors they just opened and the other set further on, reasoning that they should be relatively safe. They prove to be right as no one attacks them during the night.

The next morning, they head down the western hallway they have yet to explore. They find a room with four stone sarcophagi along the west wall. While the rest of the group explore, Bark and Gurdil manage to open one of the sarcophagi, releasing an undead within. Another undead rises from another coffin.

The group manages to destroy the undead but they learn that these undead explode when destroyed the hard way. Aurum in unconscious after the fight. He is quickly healed by the other in the group and they continue on to another area.

Chamber of statues
The group heads south and fins a large room with a large statue in the center:

The room looks vaguely like a memorial. Dominating the western part of the room, a towering statue of a warrior in plate armour holds an outstretched sword. Across from the warrior, in the corners of eastern wall, sit two statues of crouching dragons. To the south, an entryway leads to a set of double doors. In the entryway stand four more statues of small cherubic figures holding vases above their heads.

The group explore the room, which turns out to contain several traps. Gurdil is examining the southern entryway when, suddenly, a force filed appears between the two statues at the entrance of the alcove. All four cherubic statues turn their vases down and the now enclosed space begins to fill with water. The group rushes to the aid of Gurdil but the statue in the middle swings the swords at any who pass close while the dragons breath on any who approach them. Finally, the group reaches the force field while Gurdil fight to remain above water. The group attempts to move the cherubic statues but simply cannot budge them (roll 1,2,1,3,4). Meanwhile, the water within the enclosed space begins to form a whirlpool, flinging Gurdil against the walls.

Eventually, Gurdil manages to hold on and smashes the doors leading south, frees the water. Teh group manages to break down the force field and rejoin Gurdil.

With the door open, undead come from the other room. The group fight valiantly and manage to fight off the undead.


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